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A Home's Story

Written by Kay Olin Johnson

In March of 1972, my husband Don and I walked up to a big old house on 9th Street South in Fargo, North Dakota. We needed a home for our family. I said, "I know what the woodwork should look like in that house and if someone has painted it, I am going to scream!" It was very popular to modernize by painting woodwork.

Story about the death of Asa Wilmots Olin

Asa Wilmoth Olin

Born: 1 Jan 1818 Canton, St Lawrence, NY

Died: 16 Jan 1864 Camp Relief, Washington DC

Asa was the son of Deacon Joseph Mitchel Olin and his line was >Ensign Caleb Olin> Henry Olin> John Olin I.

Asa died serving as a Private in the Union Army in the Civil War. Recently I was teaching a class on using military records to discover biographical data about ancestors and I used Asa as my test case for my students.

Grandmother’s Bible Was Known to George NYE, C.C. OLIN, and Oran RABER

As you may know, the first real OLIN Family Historian was a man named George Sheldon NYE.  George was a member of the Ezra OLIN Tribe (John>John>John>Ezra OLIN, SR.) and that was his primary focus.  George published his family history in 1892.  It was the first known published book about the history of a branch of our clan.  He was aware of Grandmother’s Bible and quoted from it in his book.  In the book he wrote: