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Grandmother’s Bible Was Known to George NYE, C.C. OLIN, and Oran RABER

As you may know, the first real OLIN Family Historian was a man named George Sheldon NYE.  George was a member of the Ezra OLIN Tribe (John>John>John>Ezra OLIN, SR.) and that was his primary focus.  George published his family history in 1892.  It was the first known published book about the history of a branch of our clan.  He was aware of Grandmother’s Bible and quoted from it in his book.  In the book he wrote:

The Story of “Grandmother’s Bible” - Part II

Also Now Known as "The John>John & Susan (PIERCE) OLIN Bible and The OLIN Family Society Bible".

Part II: How We Came Into Possession

by Jeffrey Olin

I got the inquiry about the Bible that Mike mentioned, in early-August 2016. She did not have photos to share of the book, but her description matched the photo’s. Mike Fisch had sent me more than a year before.

Provenance of the The John & Susan (PIERCE) OLIN Bible / Grandmother's Bible / OFS Bible

I received a late $50 donation from John>John>Jonathan>Jonathan>Rebecca>Thomas>Reuel>Joan KING. I used it to buy a new home for the Bible. It now lives in a fireproof and waterproof safe - an ark for our Covenant, as it were. I would like to implore a handy cousin to craft a display case for the Book. I would want to display it on a stand, at an angle and only open about 90 degrees, within a case of clear acrylic or glass. It would be open at the face page of the New Testament, because the page showing John>John & Susan's family information is on the opposite page.

North of the Border - OLIN Family History Display Questions

The Reunion was over before I knew it. I barely spent any time in proximity to my display items. If any attendees have any unanswered questions please post them here on our website or you can send me an email at
For your information: The left side of the table included OLINs who are not members of our family. For example, the baseball player Steve OLIN was a Swedish-American OLIN, not one of ours. The boxer Bob OLIN is a Jewish-American OLIN, probably not one of ours.