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Provenance of the The John & Susan (PIERCE) OLIN Bible / Grandmother's Bible / OFS Bible

I received a late $50 donation from John>John>Jonathan>Jonathan>Rebecca>Thomas>Reuel>Joan KING. I used it to buy a new home for the Bible. It now lives in a fireproof and waterproof safe - an ark for our Covenant, as it were. I would like to implore a handy cousin to craft a display case for the Book. I would want to display it on a stand, at an angle and only open about 90 degrees, within a case of clear acrylic or glass. It would be open at the face page of the New Testament, because the page showing John>John & Susan's family information is on the opposite page.

North of the Border - OLIN Family History Display Questions

The Reunion was over before I knew it. I barely spent any time in proximity to my display items. If any attendees have any unanswered questions please post them here on our website or you can send me an email at
For your information: The left side of the table included OLINs who are not members of our family. For example, the baseball player Steve OLIN was a Swedish-American OLIN, not one of ours. The boxer Bob OLIN is a Jewish-American OLIN, probably not one of ours.

Reunion Registration Extended!

It is not too late to register for our "North of the Border" 4th International OLIN Family Reunion. Registration has been extended to August 1st - though we won't turn away anyone at the door (with money). If you've attended before, its a chance to reconnect with people you instantly bonded with 5, 10, or 15 years ago. If you haven't attended before, you have yet to meet the warmest and most welcoming relatives you will ever meet. You needn't feel awkward if you've never been before - it isn't a reunion without you!

John-John-Gideon-John-William-Pvt. John H. OLIN

I am currently the extremely high bidder on a Civil War soldier's letter to his mother. I believe very strongly that it is a letter from John-John-Gideon-John-William-Pvt. John H. OLIN to his mother Mary Augusta (BOWEN) [OLIN] READ from his camp in 1865. I am competing with a bunch of rabid philatelists, but I doubt they have ever dealt with a rabid OLIN with (a little) spare money. I just feel like we should own this. Wish me luck.


Today I performed a mission as the Historian of the OLIN Family Society: I met Mary Dell (OLIN) PRITZLAFF. Her Grandfather was Franklin W. OLIN, the founder of OLIN Corporation and after whom the Franklin W. OLIN College of Engineering is named. Her line is John-John-Giles-Giles-Truman-Franklin-Spencer-Mary Dell (OLIN) PRITZLAFF.  I have tried to correspond with her and have invited her to the SoCal Social to no avail.

Priscilla Kay - Up-and-coming celebrity in our family!

Hey Y'all! Check out one of our up-and-coming celebrity cousins, Priscilla Kay:
John-Joseph-Phillip-Benjamin-John-John-Rolla-Harry-Harry-Rindy-Priscilla [FULCHER] KAY
She's really good! I mean it!
Visit: &

LiLi TOWNSEND of Maui, Hawaii

I've been meaning to blog about meeting my 7th Cousin (Twice Removed) LiLi Townsend of Maui, Hawaii last Saturday. She is such an amazing woman! She has travelled the world, has an interesting perspective on life and is easily the happiest and most satisfied 73 year old (she looks 2 decades younger though) I have ever met.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner

When you see the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner taking off from the company's home main hangars in Everett, WA it is taking off from Paine Field (also known as Snohomish Co. Airport). Paine Field is named for a cousin of ours, John-John-John-Ezra-Ezra-George-Lucy-2nd Lt. Topliff Olin PAINE. Cool huh?

OFS Facebook Page

Our Olin Family Society Facebook group membership is growing daily. Come Join us! To see our Facebook group members' OLIN Lines (in alphabetical order) click here. You can also see more traditional family tree charts of our Facebook group members' OLIN Lines prepared by Ruth ELLIS here.

The OFS Facebook Page has 75 Members!

Best Represented OLIN Lines by Generation on our Facebook page:

2nd Generation: The John-John OLIN branch has 34 members on the page.
3rd Generation: The John-John-John OLIN branch has 30.
4th Generation: The John-John-John-Henry OLIN branch has 27.
5th Generation: The John-John-John-Henry-Henry OLIN branch has 25.
6th Generation: The John-John-John-Henry-Henry-Thomas OLIN branch has 23.
7th Generation: The John-John-John-Henry-Henry-Thomas-Willard OLIN branch has 19.
8th Generation: The John-John-John-Henry-Henry-Thomas-Willard-Charles OLIN branch has 14.
9th Generation: The John-Joseph-Joseph-Reuben-John-Earl-Orva-George-Donald OLIN branch has 7.
10th Generation: The John-Joseph-Phillip-Benjamin-John-Martin-Franklin-Leon-Bruce-Donald OLIN branch has 4.

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