For all membership matters, contact the Genealogist. Be sure to check out our Membership Request Form.

Genealogical information and queries, as well as information and questions about reunions, should be sent to the Genealogist. Be sure to check out our Vital Statistics Form.

Information and questions about reunions should be sent to the President.

Articles and comments for the newsletter should be sent to the Newsletter Editor.

Comments about the OFS web site should be directed to the Genealogist.

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ELECTED OFFICERS President Thomas R. Olin[Joseph]
Vice-President (vacant)
Secretary-Treasurer Marti Ciferri[Henry]
APPOINTED OFFICERS Genealogist Thomas R. Olin[Joseph]
Historian Jeffrey J. Olin[Joseph]
Newsletter Editor Ruth Ellis[John]
COUNCIL MEMBERS AT LARGE Louise Tegtmeier[Henry]
Bradley Jansen[Joseph]
Roger Green[Joseph]
Debbie Groom[John]
Diane Olin White[Joseph]

[Superscripted brackets] indicate the second-generation branch to which each member belongs.