Provenance of the The John & Susan (PIERCE) OLIN Bible / Grandmother's Bible / OFS Bible

I received a late $50 donation from John>John>Jonathan>Jonathan>Rebecca>Thomas>Reuel>Joan KING. I used it to buy a new home for the Bible. It now lives in a fireproof and waterproof safe - an ark for our Covenant, as it were. I would like to implore a handy cousin to craft a display case for the Book. I would want to display it on a stand, at an angle and only open about 90 degrees, within a case of clear acrylic or glass. It would be open at the face page of the New Testament, because the page showing John>John & Susan's family information is on the opposite page.
The Bible is a King James Bible. I believe it is self-evident that the Bible belonged to John>John OLIN and his wife Susan/Susannah (PIERCE) OLIN. They were apparently Protestants.

There was a piece of paper that lived inside the front cover of the Bible that shows its provenance from at least 1838-1959. That time range and research done by Mike FISCH, OLIN Family history rapporteur extraordinaire, suggests a lineage of possession from John>John & Susan down to the turn of the Millennium. I have attached a photo of the Provenance, and it will now live outside the Bible, but within its ark. The top part is in perfect penmanship. It begins with some math indicating the top part of the note was written in 1895.
It reads:


"This bible, printed in Edinburgh, Scotland A.D. 1729 was held in possession of Mrs. Roxana Olin Harwood from about the year 1838, down to the time of her death in 1893. It was a gift from her grandmother, Anna Reynolds (Olin) wife of Giles Olin son of John Olin whose name stands at the head of the record in this old relic known as "Grandmother's bible".
The transfer was made in Shaftsbury, VT [The "VT" is carroted in] at the home of Mrs. Harwood with whom her grandmother was then living.

H.O. Harwood
[The bottom note]

"Two Hundred and thirty years old when acquired by me, September 1959. Julie Snow, niece of Walton C. Harwood, last of family."

Sorry for the delay in getting the Bible information online. I am still trying to get the balance of my collection put away in an organized fashion after the Ashtabula Reunion, which is slowing my Bible processing.

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