(This list is preliminary. I have many references to add. Please be patient, but feel free to send me any references you know about.) A list of known publications related to the Olin family, including genealogies, histories, and other references. Please send us additions and corrections via our Contact form.


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  • Johnson, Carolynn (Kay) Olin, Wallace James and Clatie Classie Briggs-Ketchum Olin Family. 2000. (This is an update of the 1976 book by Leonard and Minnie Olin.)
  • Nye, George S. Biographical Sketches and Records of the Ezra Olin Family. 1892. (Download a copy!)
  • Olin, C. C. A Complete Record of the John Olin Family. Indianapolis, 1893. (Download a copy!)
  • Olin, Marion Susan Porter. Roofs Against the Rain. Syracuse, New York: 1978.
  • Olin, Leonard and Minnie. History of the Olin Family. 1976.
  • Olin, Warren G. 300 Years of Joseph Olin and His Descendants, Volume I. York, Pennsylvania: OLIN Family, 1996. (Get a copy!)
  • Olin, Warren G. 300 Years of Joseph Olin and His Descendants, Volume II. York, Pennsylvania: OLIN Family, 2001.
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  • Strouse, Ruth Ann. An Olin Family History. Minnesota, 1997.



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