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Olin Engines

  • Bill and Terri Guenther own this beautifully restored 15-HP Olin Engine.
  • Jeff Parks owns several Olin engines. He writes:
    I have a small museum, the New York Power Museum, that focuses on the preservation and restoration of engines and equipment made and used in New York State. Most of my collection is original engines and literature. As far as Olin stuff, I own a fully original 28 HP, an early design 4 HP, a 5 HP vertical and a 7 HP J. W. Ruger vertical which is the only one of this size known to exist. There are only about four Rugers known to survive. Ruger designs have some common ground with Olin designs. We have only a few pieces of original literature, and copies of some more. I am always interested in purchasing more original literature or engines as they become available.
  • Craig Prucha's Antique Gas Engine site documents the restoration of some Olin engines.

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