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HB #3 - John-John-John-Ezra-Paris-Mary-Mary-Helen-Mary-Roberta "Bobbie" (RALSTON) ERNST

A couple of months ago, Tom received an email from John-John-John-Ezra-Paris-Mary-Mary-Helen-Mary-Roberta "Bobbie" (RALSTON) ERNSTof Arizona.

HB #2 - Re: Richard OLIN, historian of the Hassa OLIN Family of Chicago, IL

I have recently corresponded a lot with a really nice man named Richard OLIN of Longboat Key, Florida. He is a member and the de facto historian of the Hassa OLIN Family of Chicago, IL. They are Jewish. Hassa, their progenitor, originated from eastern Europe (Poland or Russia, I forget). Their family includes Ken OLIN (the actor/producer), Chuck OLIN (Emmy award winning documentary maker) and the OLINs for whom the Olin-Sang-Ruby Union Institute (a Jewish camp) is named. Currently I am "it" in email tag.

Jeffrey J. OLIN
OFS Historian

HB #1 - I thank Tom and state my goals regarding my blog.

Thank you to Tom OLIN who did a lot of good work putting this new website together. It is nice that he has created a website that will grow and can be contributed to by all who are interested in pursuing the goals of the OFS. The OFS, like any healthy organization, should be as inclusive as possible and capable of constantly growing. I think Tom's new website format enables that to happen better.

We've remodeled!

Welcome to the new home of the Olin Family Society!

As you can see, we have overhauled our web site. Most of the previous content is still here, but many of what were static web pages are now served up by a content management system that will make it easier for other people to contribute to and maintain the site.

We call ourselves the Olin Family Society. We hope that this new web site will help create and nurture a real on-line Olin family society. Click on Login and register for an account, then join in. Post in one of our forums. Participate in one of our polls.

Coming soon will be photo albums. Beyond that, who knows? What would you like to see here? Post your ideas in one of our forums or drop us a note. We want to hear from you!

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