Thanks for electing me! I quit!

And now that I have your attention ....

The title of this article was inspired by a former real-life governor who is undecidedly not running for President. The sentiment behind it is decidedly different.

You have elected me president of the OFS. Unlike the organization's first president, Jo-Anne Moriarty, who served in that position for nearly 20 years, I will not be serving nearly that long. I'll state right now that I intend to be a one-term president. My reasons are both selfish and selfless.

Reunion Photos

I have put online some photos from the International Reunion.

I am hiding the link to the photos in a comment to this post. In order to see the comment, you must login to this site. If you don't have an account, sign up for one via the Login link. Registration on this site is free to all descendants of John OLIN and Susannah SPENCER, including spouses.

Thanks to Stephen Olan for providing the photos!

North of the Border - OLIN Family History Display Questions

The Reunion was over before I knew it. I barely spent any time in proximity to my display items. If any attendees have any unanswered questions please post them here on our website or you can send me an email at
For your information: The left side of the table included OLINs who are not members of our family. For example, the baseball player Steve OLIN was a Swedish-American OLIN, not one of ours. The boxer Bob OLIN is a Jewish-American OLIN, probably not one of ours.