Hello to my family members

Hello all,
I just joined the OFS today and wanted to send my greetings to my family members.

My family branch connects through my Maternal grandfather Edwin McClarin who was the son of Rachel Olin. That family was based out of Buffalo New York where I grew up. I look forward to learning more about the Olin family in the future.
best regards,

Warren Olin (1922 - 2014)

Warren Olin died yesterday, June 8, at his home in Owego, NY. He wrote a 2-volume history of the Joseph Olin family and helped create the Olin Family Society, of which he was the first Historian. He was 92.

Ancestry.com discontinuing Y-DNA and mtDNA tests!

ancestry.com is discontinuing its Y-DNA and mtDNA tests, effective September 5. Anyone who used one of those tests should download their data for safekeeping. I have downloaded data for the 7 men who participated in the OFS Y-DNA project a few years ago, but those men may want to download copies for themselves.

Show us your lineage!

I have added a profile field for storing your OLIN lineage. I encourage all users to type in their lines so that other users can figure out how you're related.

To add your lineage or to see someone else's, you must be logged in to this site. Click on My Account > Edit > Personal Information and fill in the Lineage box as shown in the instructions.

To find someone else's lineage, search for them by name using the Search box and then click on the Users search results.

OFS Selects Ashtabula for 2016 International Reunion

At a council meeting today, the OFS selected Ashtabula, Ohio, as the site of the 2016 International Olin Reunion. The event is expected to take place sometime in July of that year. Further details will be forthcoming as plans develop.

Organizing an OFS International Reunion

Since the Olin Family Society officially organized in 1992, there have been 4 International Reunions held at 5 year intervals. These 3-day events are attended by Olin relatives from the United States and Canada and typically attract 125 participants. The first International Reunion was held in Fargo North Dakota in August 1996. It was the first continent-wide gathering of Olin's in several generations. The second such reunion was held in 2001 in Binghamton, New York. The third international Olin reunion was held in August 2006 in Kennewick, Washington.

Maretta Olan Fair (1929-2014)

I am saddened to report that Maretta Olan Fair passed away on Monday, January 20. She was the mother of Jo-Anne Moriarty, the founding president of the OFS.

Neither Maretta nor her late husband Joe ever held official positions in the organization, but they were actively involved from the very beginning. They participated in multiple organizational meetings, including hosting one at their home in Lakefield, Ontario. Both continued to attend family reunions and activities as long as they were able.

Ashtabula Reunion Date Change

I was just informed that the Ashtabula reunion will be on July 13, not July 20 as published in the 2013 newsletter. I've updated the Reunions page accordingly.


Hello! My name is Carrie. I am the child of John Ward Olin III. I am new to this site. I have never blogged before. Just wanted to say hello! I am anxious to meet my fellow family members.

Connection to Abraham Lincoln

John and Susannah's oldest son, Joseph married Mary Aylesworth. Mary's Great-Great-Grandparents include Obediah Holmes and Katherine Hyde (through their daughter Mary Holmes). According to the Holmes family history, their most famous descendant is Abraham Lincoln (they are his 5th Great Grandparents through their daughter Lydia Holmes). If this information is correct, then the Great Grandchildren of Joseph Olin and Mary Aylesworth would be 6th cousins to Abraham Lincoln.

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