New Account Requests

I have just discovered a bunch of new account requests that have not been answered. For reason(s) unknown, I have not been receiving notifications of such requests for a while. I will be working through the backlog over the next couple evenings. Some are clearly bogus, but some are legitimate.

If you requested an account and have not heard from me, I apologize and will respond as soon as I can.

John-John-Gideon-John-William-Pvt. John H. OLIN

I am currently the extremely high bidder on a Civil War soldier's letter to his mother. I believe very strongly that it is a letter from John-John-Gideon-John-William-Pvt. John H. OLIN to his mother Mary Augusta (BOWEN) [OLIN] READ from his camp in 1865. I am competing with a bunch of rabid philatelists, but I doubt they have ever dealt with a rabid OLIN with (a little) spare money. I just feel like we should own this. Wish me luck.


Today I performed a mission as the Historian of the OLIN Family Society: I met Mary Dell (OLIN) PRITZLAFF. Her Grandfather was Franklin W. OLIN, the founder of OLIN Corporation and after whom the Franklin W. OLIN College of Engineering is named. Her line is John-John-Giles-Giles-Truman-Franklin-Spencer-Mary Dell (OLIN) PRITZLAFF.  I have tried to correspond with her and have invited her to the SoCal Social to no avail.

Two Departed Gentlemen

I am saddened to have learned, over the last several days, of the passing of two OLIN cousins.

So you have an OFS site account. Now what?

We have a few dozen site members now. That's a good start, but we'd like to have more. After all, we have a large extended OLIN family with over 600 known addresses and thousands more unknown (to me, anyway).

Just having an account isn't enough. After all, what's the point of signing up for an account if you never use it? If only a handful of people are going to post, then we could simply do away with account registrations and create accounts for just those people who request them.

NEWS FLASH! NY/PA Reunion Location Change!

Ken Olin reports from the scene:

Account Creation Problem

I just discovered a number of new account requests that are blocked, pending approval by an administrator (me). These requests date back as far as a few months. For some reason, I was not receiving them. I have to figure out why and fix the problem.

I will attempt to work through the backlog of pending requests ASAP. If I don't recognize a username or e-mail address, I might need to follow-up to verify lineage. That's why I recommend that people use their real names as their usernames. Besides, doing so facilitates dialog among site users.

Priscilla Kay - Up-and-coming celebrity in our family!

Hey Y'all! Check out one of our up-and-coming celebrity cousins, Priscilla Kay:
John-Joseph-Phillip-Benjamin-John-John-Rolla-Harry-Harry-Rindy-Priscilla [FULCHER] KAY
She's really good! I mean it!
Visit: &

Looking for someone in Oswego Co., New York

Hoping some brave soul can help me out. I'm looking for a marriage record for Frank Olin to Roxey (?) in 1850 or 1851. It appears to be a first marriage for Frank but a second for Roxey. It appears they married in Oswego Co, possibly the town of Albion. I've been looking on line for a database, but no luck. Checked with the Oswego County Clerks office, they didn't keep records until 1881.

Can anyone help? This frank may be the son of John C. Olin and Roxanna Whitehead. Until I can find documentation showing parents, I won't know.



Pre-reunion activities?

One idea the planners are discussing is identifying some of the local attractions for visitors with some extra time to spend in Ontario. With a little planning and coordination, we could arrange those things as meeting opportunities for reunion-goers to meet each other prior to the reunion itself. Instead of site-seeing individually, go as an OLIN group.

One comment that repeatedly comes out of these 5-year reunions: "I wish we had more time together."

By scheduling such informal group activities on either side of the official reunion, that wish could be addressed to some extent.

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