Pre-reunion activities?

One idea the planners are discussing is identifying some of the local attractions for visitors with some extra time to spend in Ontario. With a little planning and coordination, we could arrange those things as meeting opportunities for reunion-goers to meet each other prior to the reunion itself. Instead of site-seeing individually, go as an OLIN group.

One comment that repeatedly comes out of these 5-year reunions: "I wish we had more time together."


LiLi TOWNSEND of Maui, Hawaii

  • Posted on: 23 January 2010
  • By: Jeffrey J OLIN

I've been meaning to blog about meeting my 7th Cousin (Twice Removed) LiLi Townsend of Maui, Hawaii last Saturday. She is such an amazing woman! She has travelled the world, has an interesting perspective on life and is easily the happiest and most satisfied 73 year old (she looks 2 decades younger though) I have ever met.

Olin Bridge county’s only extant covered bridge with family name

  • Posted on: 1 January 2010
  • By: Tom Olin

Olin Bridge
Barrie Bottorf and his niece, Julie Grandbouche, hold a painting of the Olin Bridge as it appeared before restoration. The bridge is in the background. The painting is part of the Olin's Museum of Covered Bridges on Dewey Road.

When Barrie Bottorf speaks of the Dewey Road covered bridge, it is always possessively, even though it is a county bridge.

“It’s our bridge,” says Bottorf, who lives along the river downstream from the Plymouth Township bridge.