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This forum is for the discussion of the preservation of photographs, documents and anything else that can be digitized.

If you're like most people, you have family photographs - probably many of them. Some may be digital, others may be on paper. Chances are, they are not particularly well organized. Even if they are, do you have them saved in a format and location that will ensure they survive for your descendants?

Here, we will discuss and develop best practices for preserving photographs and other digital documents. Things that we need to learn about include:

Searching for Justin Samuel Olin, Jr and Silas Winslow Olin decendents

In particular, I am searching for a birth certificate or proof of Justin Olin, Jr birth and marriage to Alma A. Westcott. I am also searching for a birth certificate or proof of birth and death of Silas Winslow Olin. I have a copy of his marriage to Alice A. Chase from Ancestry.com. Thanking you in advance for any information you can supply or suggestions on where I should search next. I have not contacted Vital Records from Michigan or Wisconsin yet but will if I can't located information with this inquiry. Annetta Olin Clark

Hello to my family members

Hello all,
I just joined the OFS today and wanted to send my greetings to my family members.

My family branch connects through my Maternal grandfather Edwin McClarin who was the son of Rachel Olin. That family was based out of Buffalo New York where I grew up. I look forward to learning more about the Olin family in the future.
best regards,