With one of the forms listed below, you can:

  • join the OFS;
  • inform us of a change of address;
  • provide us with information about your OLIN family line; or
  • keep us informed about vital statistics in your branch of the OLIN family.

About membership: If you are a descendant of John OLIN and Susannah SPENCER, or can provide plausible evidence (lineage) of a connection, then you may join the OFS for free and receive access to our newsletter, The OLINews. Membership requests are subject to review and approval by the OFS.

For submitting information about vital statistics, including births, adoptions, marriages, divorces, and deaths, use the OFS Vital Statistics Form. You need not be a member to use this form.

For everything else, including membership, changes of address, and information about your family line, use the OFS Membership Request Form. You need not be a member to use this form.