John OLIN & Susannah SPENCER Family
John OLIN & Susannah SPENCER Family
Olin Family Society

The genealogy database represented by these family cards contains data from many different sources, some better researched and more reliable than others. There are gaps in the information presented here, and some cards contain incomplete, unverified, and/or erroneous data. Additions and corrections are welcomed. In addition, I still have many records and sources that have yet to be recorded in the database.

I have not included all available data here. In an attempt to avoid listing any living descendants I have arbitrarily limited the number of generations. Beyond that, I include lines for which I have known or presumed death dates. If you find a missing line that could be published safely, help by sending me death information.

This tree will grow and fill out as I record and collect more information. Please send me additions and corrections.

Special thanks to:
• Ruth Ellis for her data on the John[2] branch.
• Tim W. Olin for the GEDCOM data he compiled from the C.C. Olin and George Nye books.

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